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NEW: Virtual (online) Second Opinion

Dr. Carton now offers a virtual (online) second opinion for your child or family member's psychiatric diagnosis and treatment plan. The second opinion process is particularly useful for families when there is concern about the accuracy of a diagnosis, questions about the appropriateness of a treatment plan, or a general sense that an ongoing treatment is not working well. Dr. Carton is a board-certified clinical psychologist with 30 years of experience as a clinician, psychology professor, and social scientist who will work with you to collect all relevant neuro-psycho-educational assessment reports and treatment records. He will then personally review all materials and consult with other experts if needed. Once all materials have been thoroughly reviewed, he will schedule a real-time virtual feedback session to address your original questions and provide time for you to ask follow-up questions and discuss treatment recommendations. With your authorization, he also could consult directly with a healthcare provider you are considering for further treatment. The process is streamlined and timely, with most cases receiving a full review within one week from receipt of materials. You have the confidence of a comprehensive review by an expert in the field without the inconvenience of travel and lengthy wait times.


Virtual second opinions are not covered by most insurers, nor by Medicare or Medicaid. This service is available for a flat fee payable via HSA or Credit Card. Dr. Carton's training began with his undergraduate degree from Wake Forest University, where he was a Carswell Scholar, member of Phi Beta Kappa, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a major in psychology. He then earned his doctorate in clinical psychology from Emory University, where he twice won the department's Heilbrun Award for most outstanding clinical scholar. He completed a clinical residency at Duke University Medical Center and postdoctoral training at the Mendota Mental Health Center. His expertise has allowed him to balance both a clinical career and an academic one. He has held positions at children's, psychiatric, and rehabilitation hospitals, in addition to overseeing a private practice. He rose to the rank of Full Professor and Division Chair at Oglethorpe University, where he recently retired with emeritus status to focus more on his clinical interests. Along the way he has published or presented hundreds of papers and is widely cited in the clinical literature. He brings a wealth of clinical and educational experience to your case. 

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