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       Thank you for your interest in my practice. I am a licensed psychologist and former university professor. I have worked at a pediatric hospital, university medical center, and rehabilitation hospital, in addition to my academic and private practice positions. I provide a variety of services that are described on the navigation links. They include treatments for mental health conditions, chronic health conditions, executive and academic coaching, evaluations for students and adults, and sports psychology for athletes. 

         I am a sole practitioner who believes clients deserve individual attention from a competent psychologist. Please give me a call or send me an email if you have questions about my practice, insurance, costs, and scheduling. I am happy to spend some time up front to determine if I am a good fit for your needs. I also am willing to assist you with finding another psychologist if it becomes apparent I am not a good match. 


Licensed in Georgia and Michigan.  Based in Grand Rapids, serving West-Michigan area (e.g., East Grand Rapids, Grandville, Kentwood, Rockford, Wyoming) and - for Georgia clients - Telehealth.

Phone: 404-401-6247

Address: 2755 Berwyck Rd SE, East Grand Rapids, MI 49506





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